Eg. a combatant uses status development for EXP and fixed value for base ATK.

I found there is only one setting for combatant which is "No Status Development", so the only way I think to do this is making different status development for each combatant.

But consider this case. Other combatants use the same EXP development, which means I need to set up handreds status developments. If the EXP development changes, I have to do the same change for handreds developments.

So is there a way to set development for some status and set fixed value for other status in combatant setting?
  • I decide to use init events to set the fixed status. It is better to make a lot of events than making handreds status developments
  • I have made a game event to change the status and the status has been checked in Spawn Event, which is correct. But when I use this status in formula(just simply set formula value to this status), the result of testing the fomula is always 0(the init value of status). "Use Init Event" is picked. What may be the problem?

    Btw, if I put debug node in inti event and press test formula. Will the debug log be printed in console?
  • Debug nodes in formulas will also be used when testing them in the editor.

    However, the init events are only used when the game is running due to requiring stuff that's only available in the running game. The setting is just there because it's the same class as in the other combatant setups (e.g. combatant groups).

    One way you can set this up is using status development (for exp and other status values you want) in combination with status value bonuses. In the combatant's Status Settings > Bonus Settings enable using Custom Bonus and you can add status values that should get a defined bonus.
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