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    Thanks! Still working on the lighting, but with the help of the minimap and her new lightsource im hoping the darker areas should still be traversable.

    I know certain monitors don't display the way mine does, so I'll have to get some feedback on the demo this weekend.
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  • The R : 1 demo is now live!
    Check it out and let me know what you think :D

  • Hey! Nice.

    Some feedback:
    Texts cut offs in menu https://i.imgur.com/OpNLMUK.png
    Try hiding main menu buttons while logos play.
    Camera control + mouse cursor visible is kind of confusing.
    Some of your animations seem to play from the hip bone, and legs appear to be floating. I would take a look at your animation settings and try baking some transforms there.
    Combat needs some feedback to be understandable. Take a look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild for a good reference. Better download the video from youtube and look at it frame by frame. You'll notice highlights, flashy particles and small details. These let player know when they have actually hit enemy.
    You really need more light sources in the scene. At least try adding a point light to player, or equip player with some form of armor lights like in scifi games. Deadspace for example.

    Otherwise good job. It's rough but has potential. Took me to some nice old school memories with level design.
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    Thanks for checking it out :)

    -The text cutoff thing happened in the last couple of days and I have no idea what I did to mess that up, gotta look into it

    -The animations have been so experimental that I havent polished them yet, hoping to get around to it by the end of May.

    -The combat feedback has been a chore, it's better than it was, but yeah, it needs a lot more work too. ATM time slows, enemies animate, they knockback, and there is blood splatter or sparks. But I agree that it's not there yet.

    -I added a light source to Fay, but I think every scene is maxed out on lightsources at the moment (and increasing it seems to have a drastic effect on performance) so most of the time it doesn't show.. Kind of frustrating, but I'll have to work around it, keeping a deep black to contrast the neon is very important to me so Ill be looking into a compromise. Id also like certain situations where the player has to traverse into darkness, I'm thinking about making her texture emit a bit so she's always visible at least
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  • Try dynamically loading lights in the scene. Like disable/enable on trigger.
  • Damn son, I didn't think about that. Thanks :D
    Will definitely add that in before the next demo.
  • next game to follow the warborn will feature ship gameplay, so i wanted to see if i could whip something up in Ork pretty quickly~

    nice floaty rigidbody feeling

  • Game stops working for me when loading main menu in 95% of cases. The gameplay feels very floaty, both in combat control and camera control. You need to make sure that the player feels always in charge when controlling character. Level design seemed promising.
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    Ah damn... I guess that was bound to happen eventually. When the game ran did it run okay or was it laggy? This is the first I've heard of it crashing on startup.

    Gameplay is going to go through a few major revisions before it's done, thanks for your feedback.
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  • I think it may have been slightly laggy. What have you done Wrofir that you speak so dramatically about something that was "bound to happen"? It got me curious :)
  • I don't think it's an issue unless they trademark the word. I don't personally mind the similarity because the two games are very different. But I have a backup if it's an issue.

    And JMR I've just been worried about the game crashing for awhile, I'm only using Ork and have no programming ability so I was shocked it was running for so many people lol.
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    You can reduce initial load times (and thus memory allocation and potential crashes) by using asset bundles. ORK's asset sources allow you to quickly change them in the complete ORK project - setting up the asset bundles in Unity might take a while, though :)
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  • ah okay cool! i gotta look into that and other optimization techniques.
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    I tried your demo and looks like my computer doesn't fits minimum requirements because video card was boiling.

    Character design was cool. I can't believe what someone can deed such things with just Blender.

    Gameplay mechanics of this Game will evolve and I have not much to say about its current form, but trying moving camera and hit someone at the same time was untrivial task. Also, I failed accesing main menu - it just wasn't opened.

    Hope I am not too late on test :)
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