So I decided to give it a try to get this two things together, since Dialogue System has support for Ork. So here is what I did:

1.) Performed the Wizard to setup Dialogue Manager (Basically just pointing out which legacy prefab I would use) rest I left since Orks system will be in use.

2.) Adding the Orkbridge script to the Dialogue Manager Object.

Updated a simple event to use Dialogue Systems "Start Conversation" instead of Orks "Show Dialogue". That's what should be done according to what I could understand reading the third party integration.

However when I start the game and go to the NPC and then click on interact then the NPC turns to me BUT there is no dialogue at all. So something isn't working as it is supposed too....

So I wonder if there are anyone around here that have done this before and been successful getting these two working together?

Thanks in advance!

  • Did you write a conversation entry in the database to call from the Start Conversation event? I was under the impression the support hooked into ORK saves and some variable manipulation, but that all the actual writing was done on the DS side. I think you also have to add a Dialogue Manager object to the scene you're testing (or to a previous scene, like ORK's game starter). It sounds like it can't find the conversation to start.

    Honestly it's been quite a while since I've messed with DS and ORK. If I get some time after the current client push I'll try and play around with it again.
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  • Thanks for the input Firr!

    Well to my understanding it seems like it would not be needed since it would use the Ork Event System. Will cut and paste from the Ork Third party description at pixelcrushers site:
    "Setup Conversations

    Set up conversations through the ORK event system, using the Dialogue System -> Start Conversation step."
    But maybe you are right ;) It has a text saying "Conversation Title" it may be possible that it is only supposed to be a spot where to put in the title of the dialogue that you have created in DS itself.

    I will take a look at that! Thanks sofar!

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