I am sure I am doing something wrong here....

What I am doing is that I am spawning an object (prefab1) and when spawning it then I am using another Prefab that is a particles (which basically is some smoke). So that first part works just fine.,..

The problem is when I want to destroy the object I spawned then I want to do it so that the smoke again hides the object and then destroy the object (prefab1) after a set amount of time. The problem I have is that I can't get the smoke to show up correctly when I am destroying prefab1. If I spawn the smoke (prefab0) before the destroy object then I starts 20 seconds before the destroy (since I have a time set for 20 sec). If I put it up after the destroy prefab then I don't see it at all, unless I put a wait on the destroy prefab then it shows up just after the object is destoyed, but then the character gets immobile 20 sec during the wait. Also I want the smoke to hide the object first and then destroy the prefab.

Not sure how to make that happen so any ideas are much appreciated.

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