For some reason I can't get counter attack to work... is it something I am missing.

Since I am using real time battles then I have made the setting in there to allow counter attack. I have also defined what ability that will be used as counter attack, I have also defined a formula as the chance to do the counter attack. That formula gives me a result of 5. So if I get a roll of 5 or below then the counter attack should be performed.

However for me it never happens... I buffed my HP and let a monster hit me for ages and no counter.

Also are there any text message that I can alter so it will list in as it does with my crits after I adjusted that text?
  • Try setting the counter chance of your player to 100 to see if he'll counter in that case.

    There's no special notifications for counter attacks. You can only use the battle info texts (Battle System > Battle Texts) to display when a counter action is used.
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