Hi GiL!

Two quick questions:

1.) I am working on the level up now, when I am leveling I can see a text coming up, however I have not found out where to edit that text. I also so something about a level up button, under the menu, but couldn't really figure out when it could be used.

2.) I know that I long time ago tested a bit with the block camera and block player control when it was the main menu screen. Now I can't find out where these settings are. Currently when I start the game and come to the main menu then I am able to move the character and rotate camera while still having the menu up.
  • 1) That's probably the Level Up Text settings in Battle System > Battle Texts.

    2) There is no player/camera block in the main menu screen (unless you put an autostart event there that blocks the controls. Usually there is no player during the in the main menu.
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  • 1.) Thanks!

    2.) Ahhh yes you are right! Well the player is there along with most of the other of my enemies since it's easy to modify the prefabs during the project, but good then I know it will not be an issue later on since they will be removed.
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